Natural Therapies

Natural Therapies

At Ann Street Acupuncture and Natural Therapies Clinic, we believe each patient is unique and therefore create personalized dynamic care plans catered to your individual requirements. We look forward to working with you to reach your health and well-being goals.




Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing, regulate its systems, to improve functioning and to alleviate pain. This is done by inserting very fine, sterile, disposable needles at very precise acupuncture points.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), practised for over 5000 years, is currently the worlds oldest and most consistently practiced medical system. It is recognized by the world health organization in the treatment of over 40 conditions including musculo-skeletal, neurological, urogenital, gynecological, gastrointestinal, and more.

 Chinese Medicinal Herbs

Generally, herbal medicines work within the body in much the same way as conventional pharmacuetical drugs. That is, via their chemical make-up. The difference is in how they are prescribed. Herbs are prescribed to treat the root of the disease and its manifestation, rather than simply focusing on symptoms. Acupuncture treatments are enhanced with the combination of Chinese herbs.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is hands on manipulation of soft tissues & joints of the body & can take on many forms.

  • Assists in relaxation. Reduces anxiety and nervous tension caused by the stresses of work and a busy lifestyle.
  • Improves blood flow which benefits the circulatory and lymphatic systems.
  • Relieves muscular tightness and pain, neck and shoulder tension, muscle spasm and cramps.
  • Assists in the management and prevention of headaches.
  • Increases joint movements and flexibility.
  • Helps in the elimination of waste and toxins.
  • Promotes healing of injured tissues.
  • Assists with injury prevention, rehabilitation and recovery.
  • Facilitates muscle imbalance assessment and treatment.
  • Reduces excessive scar tissue formation.