Hello Winter


Hello Winter!
Have you prepare yourself for cold weather?
See what tips of strengthen immune system from our practitioners & our special offers!

As this Winter coming, some people may have difficulties adjusting their body to the change of season.
Temperature drops down, short daylight time, wind blowing from the South, the weather is sending different information  to our body daily.

Are you ready for this Winter?

Our practitioners are here to help. Let’s have a look what tips they have to help your body preparing for the winter.  Holistic approaches, individual treatment plans, natural therapeutic methods: Acupuncture & Herbs, Naturopath, Massage, your general wellness will be well taken in our clinic.

Julie Constantine - acupuncturist

Julie Constantine – Acupuncturist & TCM Herbalist

1. Living in Harmony with the Seasons

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) states that people should live in harmony with their environment. During winter, this means slowing down in the colder months, deeply nourishing yourself, and keeping warm and well rested, take the opportunity to slow down. Nourish yourself with warm and wholesome foods!

2. Eat warm nourishing Food

In the Winter our body needs warm foods like soups made from vegetables and rich stocks with animal bones are very nourishing these specific foods nourish and warm the Kidneys. Winter is a time when many people tend to reduce and slow down their activity.

The foods to eat during winter are the ones that grow during the season usually root vegetables like: turnips and carrots, winter greens, mushrooms, apples, pears, citrus fruits, nuts, beans and grains, are also good.

3. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine

Come in for a preventative Acupuncture treatment you don’t have to be sick to receive a treatment or a few weekly regular treatment to strengthen your immune system.

Winter is cold and flu season in Chinese medicine is very much concerned with preventative measures like strengthening up the Wei Qi or defensive energies (in the Chinese medicine an understanding of the immune system) in order to naturally fight off virus, colds and flu.

So stay warm, hydrated and nourished, and try to give yourself the extra time and space       to slow down, rest and meditate in this profound season of stillness.

Julie’s special offer in Winter: 1 hr Follow on Acupuncture $85 +Free Cupping    
*Available from 6th of June to 30th of August 2017.

Wayne Zhang – Acupuncturist, TCM Herbalist & Massage Therapist

 Exercise is a good way to keep your body healthy. Walking and slowly running are good choices. Qi and Blood moving when you doing exercise. Your body system would form a natural defense from disease.

Warming up is necessary before doing sports. Our body in winter time tends to be tighter or not as flexible as it in Summer cause circulation of blood and fluid into muscles, tendons and other soft tissues is less than it when it is in summer. it means you could be more easily get injured and takes longer time to recover properly.

We, registered Acupuncturist here to help you through the winter. You will get quick pain relief and faster recovery from sports injury.

Wayne’s special offer in winter(combination price):

1hr Acupuncture +1hr Massage     $150

1hr Acupuncture +1/2 hr Massage $120

1/2 hr Acupuncture + 1/2 hr Massage $90

Available from 8th June to 30th August. NOT combine with other rewards.



Katie 4

Katie – Acupuncturist & TMC Herbalist

Why do we get aches and pains, sore backs, knees and joints, cold’s and Flu and the blues in Winter?

Winter is cold and our bodies generally want to curl up and contract in, to stay warm and protected. Naturally our blood moves inwards away from the extremities to the core/ organs to keep them warm. Our blood vessels contract causing less blood flow to the joints leaving us feeling achy and sore in our most vulnerable and weak areas. If we have had injury to a knee, back or shoulder in the past then this area will generally play up during the cold winter months.

There is no need to suffer through this winter with the aches, pains, colds and winter blues again. Acupuncture has been used to alleviate these pain symptoms by increasing blood flow to the extremities and strengthening the body’s immune system to fight colds and flu naturally.

So don’t suffer with pain through this Winter again. Come in for a complimentary tongue and pulse diagnosis and let me help you on your road to pain free health and wellness.

Photo VioletaDavis - Copy

Violeta’s special offer in Winter:

1 hr Massage Therapy–

5 sessions for $350 paying upfront, save $75

8 sessions for $520 paying upfront, save $160

*Available from 5th June to 30th August. NOT combine with other rewards.

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